tisdag 2 oktober 2012

Soon to drop: Larose Paris

Larose is a new Parisian hat brand that specializes in creating luxury versions of the classic panel camp cap. Larose was founded by journalist and vintage baseball hat enthusiast Marc Beaugé, entrepreneur and world traveller Isaac Larose Farmer (rarely seen without a cap on) and bespoke hat maker Pauline Brosset, who holds the official title of Artisan d'Art and has created hats for both Kenzo and Barbara Bui aswell as the royal family of Saudi Arabia and the king of Morocco.
For this first season Larose is producing a series of lookbook videos entitled "Des hommes au travail", showcasing artisans and artists wearing Larose hats while excerising their proffesion. 
Part one is directed by Amanda Beaugé-Rubinstein and features artisan florist Jérémy Martin as he carries out his work.
Larose will be available shortly both instore and online and caliroots.com/c-store

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