fredag 2 november 2012

Four knitted favourites!

November has hit us again and with it comes the biting winds and drops in temperature. To cope in the best possible way you need a proper sweater to wear! Today we wanted to give you four of our top pics from the store!

If there's anyone that knows biting winds and harsh weather it'll be the Irish. This Alan Paine sweater is created in a traditional Irish donegal wool knit guaranteed to keep you warm and comfy while still looking really sharp!

Alan Paine Strone Donegal Crew Neck Finn €119/SEK1199:- (Available in store now, online soon!)

Russia, or in particular the USSR of the early 1980's has made a great influence on this season's Soulland collection. Not least visible in this lambswool sweater, all-over printed with Russian prison tattoos and different elements of  traditional elements of Russian architecture. So dope!
Soulland Jorgensen Kit Sweater €129/SEK 1299:- (Available in store now, online soon!)

Our Legacy are really serious about their Nordic heritage with this one. Super heavy and chunky, knitted in baby soft Italian wool.
Our Legacy Heavy Knitted Round Neck Bone €179/SEK 1799:-

This season Levi's Vintage Clothing draws inspiration from the NYC immigrants of the late 1920's and early 1930's, who took to boxing to try and make in the metropolitan world of the day. This warm and very manly sweater is a perfect reflection of the strenght and determination these men showed in their everyday battles, wether it was in the ring or on the street.
Levis Vintage Clothing Chnky Rollneck Rusty €219/SEK 2199:-

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