fredag 1 mars 2013

Weekend Update!

Another week has passed and friday is upon us! And with an amazing choice of new deliveries, we stand prepared to cater to all of your fashionable needs! 

New in the store this week are:

Diemme Footwear: A set of three different, equally beautiful, Slip On shoes have been delivered to us. Choose between two great two-tone colorways and one all brown. All artisanally created using high quality Italian suede and classic Italian made rubber soles

Wood Wood: Straight from the wilderness, Wood Wood has delivered a collection of great leopard print garments aswell has some amazing Summer Of Love inspired T-shirt prints.

Kitsuné Tee: Inspired by America in general and New York City in particular, Kitsuné delivers a culinary collection of T-shirts as found on the streets of Manhattan

New Balance: Considered the holy grail among sneaker-heads,  The Made in USA New Balance collection feature some of the finest sneakers we've ever seen!

See you in the store!

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