fredag 25 oktober 2013

Han Kjøbenhavn x Pendleton Woolen Mills "The Sea Wolf"

Han Kjøbenhavn have joined forces with the renowned American producer of fabrics, Pendleton Woolen Mills, and created an exclusive series of tailored fitted Han Kjøbenhavn styles.  
This collab is the first time Pendleton has agreed to create a unique fabric, especially woven for Han Kjøbenhavn. The fabric is a 100% American made wool quality dyed with four different kinds of indigo. The main focus has been to create a series that encompasses the familiar and very Danish Han Kjøbenhavn aesthetics and colors with the Pendleton's classic American made fabric.
The Han Kjøbenhavn x Pendleton collection will be available for purchase on wednesday the 30th of october at 00:01 CET

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