fredag 21 mars 2014

Weekend Update / New Arrivals

This week we've seen some amazing deliveries come though the doors, and all of them with a Japanese touch to it.  

Cash Ca x Neighborhood - Kazuki Kuraishi once again teams up with fellow designer Shinsuke Takizawa of Neighborhood for a small capsule collection. 
Fuct SSDD - First delivery from Fuct's Japanese diffusion line. Americana and post-nam styled coats, hoodies, hats, shirts and more.
Buddy Shoes - Japanese footwear brand that made it's debut in 2012. All made in Japan using the highest quality material. 
Mark McNairy for Heather Grey Wall - Mark McNairy continues his collaboration with Kazuki Kuraishi's retail spot Heather Grey Wall. NY mets Tokyo in a perfect match!
Engineered Garments - Daiki Suzuki, master of chambray, psychedelic florals, patterns, layering, does it again. 

Welcome to the store this weekend and have a look! Or visit our online shop HERE!

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