onsdag 18 juni 2014

PAM x Carhartt Womens Collection

PAM has teamed up with Carhartt to produce a collaboration capsule collection!

Designed exclusively for women by Shauna T, the line playfully re-interprets classic Carhartt styles, creating a fantastic collection for the summer!

Following below is an introduction to the line and an interview with Shauna regarding the project and lookbook.

The P.A.M. x Carhartt WIP collection was shot on location in the heart of Australia to capture the mood and soul of the collaboration. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Shauna to discuss the ideas behind the shoot as well as the inspiration for the whole collection.
Carhartt WIP: How did this joint venture start?
Shauna T: I have been a fan of Carhartt WIP since the late 90’s, we have been talking about the collab for years now, and it finally fell in to place.
I have a great love of streetwear and I am always trying to find a way of wearing clothes in a way that feels cool and comfortable for me.
Being a woman I don’t want to dress as a man, but often I want a relaxed style, for me this collection walks that line.

Carhartt WIP: How did you manage to combine the workwear soul of Carhartt with the POP atmosphere of P.A.M. in such a delicate photo shoot?
Shauna T: I love the history of the brand and the connection to railway workers, pioneering America is romantic to me. It was important to shoot the collection in a place that gave that feeling. Having a look at the pictures you can sense the heat and the isolation, but at the same time you can see a beauty in nature and human made things.
The lonely world of a drifter, walking down the disused railway tracks... I really love the model we used too, her collection of tattoos tells a story as well.
Shooting in outback Australia in literally 40+ degrees was at times surreal, you had a very real feeling of your place in the natural world and the humbling power of nature, in this case the sun.
This is the type of place where real workwear matters (and you can never have too many frozen bananas!).
Carhartt WIP: The video we launched a couple of weeks ago featured a poem by Amanda Maxwell and is narrated by Nancy Whang. How did you choose these ladies and why?
Shauna T: Amanda Maxwell is one of my favourite story writers, so I was very pleased that she agreed to write a poem about the shoot. Her narrative beautifully balances the human love for stories and understanding with the surreal fantasy that we love to explore in P.A.M.
I needed someone to narrate the story and almost instantly I thought of Nancy. I have known her for a long time going back to when she was a member of LCD Sound System. Her slightly husky New York tones were just what the poem called for. I was so happy she had time to do the recording for us.
I feel blessed to know amazing women all over the world, doing such great things. It was unreal to have a project where I could work with some of them.

Carhartt WIP: Which iconic Carhartt WIP pieces have you re-interpreted for this collaboration?
Shauna T: The main inspiration comes from the Bib Coveralls and the Michigan Jacket. For example, I took details from the Michigan Jacket but changed the fit and cropped it. It’s now made from a linen blend with a special wash that makes it feel vintage, harking back to the long history of Carhartt. The tighter fit and cropped silhouette works to balance the dropped crotch trousers and overall.
Matching these elements with classic P.A.M. pieces like jersey tops and leggings makes this capsule complete.
We also re-did one of our jersey dresses, we felt this style was a good bridge between P.A.M. style and Carhartt style.
It’s a favourite and I can’t wait to wear it.
Last but not least, the accessories: comfortable and easy shoes like the Vans Classic Era and a classic baseball cap in banana print: the real taste of Summer!

Carhartt WIP: Banana Print!!!
Shauna T: We like to use artwork and allover print in P.A.M. collections. In this case, we used the banana print in pastels: it adds some humour and harks back to pop culture and afternoon snacks.
Banana’s are not specifically Warhol, but definitely POP: it’s a symbol we’ve used previously suggesting fun, energy and humour.
You can eat them (energy), slip on them (humour) or ….(fun)!!!!

The PAM x Carhartt collection will be made available at C Store online starting tomorrow

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