onsdag 28 oktober 2009

Let's go join the navy!

The maritime influences in streetwear this season has hardly escaped any one. With this week's fit we're also jumping on the marine bandwagon with both the actual peacoat and the peacoat shoes.

click picture for full view
Norse Fold Up beanie € 35:- (Sek 349:-)
Norse Multi Striped Scarf € 45:- (Sek 499:-)
Reigning Champ peacoat (in store only) € 169:- (Sek 1699:-)
Human Scales Eddie jacket € 209:- (Sek 2099:-)
Wood Wood Rune sweater € 110:- (Sek 1099:-)
Our Legacy BD oxford shirt (in store only) € 110:- (Sek 1099:-)
Camo Sea Dog trousers €119:- (Sek 1199:-)
Vans Chukka Peacoat LX (online soon) (Sek 1299:-)

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