onsdag 28 oktober 2009

Ransom X Adidas pt 2.

As promised here's a more detailed look at the awesome new collaboration between Adidas and canadian brand Ransom that we showed you yesterday.

click for full sized pictures
Adidas x Ransom Summit brown leather € 215:- (Sek 2299:-) this shoe is also available in black leather and khaki suede

Adidas x Ransom Dune in blue suede € 109 (Sek 1199:-) This model is also available in black canvas

Adidas x Ransom Pier in black suede € 89:- (Sek 999:-)

Adidas x Ransom Valley in white leather € 115:- (Sek 1199:-) This model is also available in dark brown leather and blue suede

This is one of the most highly coveted releases this year so make sure to be quick!
Get a further look online at caliroots.com or visit us in the store for a first hand look at all the models & colors.

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