måndag 16 november 2009

La Vitesse et La Pierre

As we've already mentioned in a previous post, Whyred is a brand that has always been closely connected to the art world. Art is also one of the brands main sources of inspiration, Even the name Whyred is derived from Swedish artist Sven X:et Erixson.

La Vitesse et La Pierre is the fourth installment of Whyred's on going art project collaboration series. This time they teamed up with Film makers Igor Zimmerman, Fjodor Fjerdingstad & Markus Palmqvist to create this highly visual epic short film using audio & still images. The films musical score is composed by Yourhighness of the Rollerboys fame.

learn more about La Vitesse et La Pierre here

Check out the Whyred fall/winter 2009 line in store here @ C or online @ caliroots.com

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