måndag 7 december 2009

Iron Heart jeans

We're very proud to announce that we just recieved our very first stock of Iron Heart denims from japanese company Works Inc. (which we reported on earlier here)

Iron Heart is known for producing some of the worlds heaviest denims, starting @ 21 oz! The ultra heavy weights can seem a bit breathtaking, but these jeans are surpricingly pliable due to the fact that the denim is made using extra long fibre Zimbabwe cotton, which makes for longer thread & softer fabrics.

With this first delivery we recieved the IH634S which is the sanforized, 21oz selvage standard model. This is a slimmish straight silhouette we think works with more or less every different kind of menswear style.

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Iron Heart IH634S €229:- (Sek 2299:-)

We also recieved the IH634SR which is an even heavier loomstate version of the IH634. The denim used for these monsters actually came by accident while experimenting with a new 21oz fabric for the regular IH634S. Mr Haraki, who is the owner & brains behind Works Inc, found the denim to be so spectular that he decided to create a new model out of them. The result is this shrink-to-fit IH634, limited to 400 pieces & packed with nice & quirky details such as selvage fly, super heavy pocket bags & specially stitched belt loops.

As these jeans are shrink-to-fit & shrinks to tag size we couldn't model them properly. This didn't turn out to be a problem as the jeans can stand up on their own!

Iron Heart IH634SR €299:- (Sek 2999:-)

A pair of jeans this heavy & rigid requires a lot of time, patience & effort. These jeans are made to stand the test of time.

The Iron Heart denims are only available in store @ C for the moment. For inquiries regarding Iron Heart please e-mail cstoreconcept@gmail.com or info@caliroots.se

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