torsdag 11 mars 2010

Denim Demon Project Ware Outs pt. 2

Yesterday we showed one of the three different Denim Demon Project Ware Outs jeans modelled after jeans worn for six months by a selected group of sami people. Every wear, tear and stain is taken into account in these faithful reproductions.

As promised Here's a look at the jeans modelled after Jan Åke Johnsson's pair

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Jan-Åke Johnsson is 40 years old & comes from the tiny sami village of Jänsmässholmen with a population of only 28 inhabitans. Jan-Åke is something of a jack-of-all-trades as he works part time at the local hotel, as well as keeping reindeer. Just like Per Guttorm, Jan-Åke wore his pair of jeans more or less 24-7, during the elk hunt, slaughter as well as riding his snowmobile.

The circular wear mark's on Jan-Åkes left thigh come from the tin of snus that he always carries with him & the brownish wear along the outseam comes from the holster where he carries his knife.

The tears on his right leg comes from spending a day moving large rocks & both knees are tinted brown from an incident where Jan-Åke kneeled in a pile of reindeer faeces.

Check back tomorrow for a look at Per Henrik Bergkvist's pair!

All three of the Project Ware Out jeans are now available in store here @ C and will go live on line shortly @

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  1. Underbart att se att det är fler som älskar denim.
    Lycka till nu.