tisdag 9 mars 2010

Denim Demon Project Ware Outs

As you may remember from our previous posts about Denim Demon, It is a brand that takes it's sami heritage & history very seriously, which is portrayed strongly in the garments.

The Project Ware Outs collection is more or less a definition of what Denim Demon is all about, showing an extreme attention to detail & authenticity hardly ever seen before. It all started out with seven boxfresh pairs of Denim Demon Aajja jeans given out to seven sami people, among them reindeer herders, doudji craftsmen and an archeologist, living in the northern most part of Scandinavia. Their mission was to wear the jeans for every waking hour of every single day without washing them. Six months later the jeans were collected. 3 pairs were selected for this first run & shipped to the village of Kojima, Japan where the worlds best denims & washes are produced.

The end result of this project is breathtaking. Every single wear, tear & stain have been carefully replicated by hand to precisly mimic the original worn in pairs.

In addition to the all the original details, the Project Ware Out jeans also feature custom reindeer hide patches, hand printed with a portrait of each wearer, extra heavy cotton twill pockets & hidden back pocket rivets. All made in Japan & limited to 60 pairs of each wash.

All three washes retail @ €349:- (Sek 3499:-)

Today we'd like to give you a look at Per Guttorm Kuhmunen's pair:

click pictures for full size view
Per Guttorm is a 22 year old full time reindeer herder working day & night in the blistering cold of Lapland. As he spends a lot of time riding a dirt bike, the jeans are quite heavily faded in the seat and thigh areas. They are also torn at the hems from getting caught in the chain but nicely mended by Per Guttorms mother. All these features are replicated down to the smallest detail, even the coins left behind in the jeans are there!

Check back tomorrow for a look at Jan Åke Johnsson's pair!

All three of the Project Ware Out jeans are now available in store here @ C and will go live on line shortly @ caliroots.com

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