torsdag 8 april 2010

Indigofera Prima Jeans

Swedish denim brand Indigofera Prima Jeans is back! This season the collection is really strong, with silhouettes that are a bit slimmer than we're used to see from Indigofera, & washes that are beautiful & very authentic looking.

Today we'd like to give you a closer look @ 3 of the new Indigofera jeans models for this spring

This is the Mack Daydreamer which is the lightest wash we're carrying this season from Indigofera. These jeans have got a really cool eighties feel to them, with the heavily washed out indigo color & fabric which reminds us a lot of the early eighties open end qualities used for Levi's orange tab jeans.

Indigofera Mack Daydreamer €149:- (Sek 1499:-)

If you feel that the Mack Clear Blue Wash looks familiar it's not a coincidence as we carried this wash but in the Clint model last season. It works just as well (if not better) in the slimmer Mack silhouette which we regard very highly. It is a perfect mid rise, slim model with quite a strong taper. Looks just as good worn with sneakers or, as shown below, with a pair of heavy duty Red Wings.

Indigofera Mack Clear Blue Wash €179:- (Sek 1799:-)

A new model for us this season is the Ray which we offer in a raw, unwashed open end quality. Similar to the Mack model, Ray is a slim & tapered fit, but it sits somewhat lower at the waist.
The open end quality is really nice, super hairy & fuzzy & quite soft to the hand. because of this fabric we believe these jeans have have amazing fading possibilities & the deep indigo dye makes for super high contrast.

Indigofera Ray Unwashed €109:- (Sek 1099:-)

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