onsdag 7 april 2010

Levis Vintage Clothing

As you've propably seen @ our C Store webshop we've recieved a lot of new washes from Levis Vintage Clothing. This season the washed program from LVC is really strong & offered at a fantastic price point considering the amount of detail & effort put in to these pieces.

The 1947 cut is regarded as the definitive 5 pocket jean. It is a classic & timeless regular slimmish cut, perfect for all body types. 1947 was also the year that all the key features of the 501 jeans (such as the arcuate stitching, zinc buttons & copper rivets) re appeared after being removed due to wartime savings.

LVC 501XX 1947 Bull Puncher €199 (Sek 1999:-)

LVC 501XX 1947 Broken Down €159 (Sek 1599:-)

With film like The Wild One & Rebel Without A Cause & moviestars such as Marlon Brando & James Dean, 1954 was a year that saw the dawning of youth culture. The youth's uniform was leather jackets & tight Levi's which can be seen in the slim & tapered silhouette of the 1954 501's. This was also the first of a few brief years that Levi's offered it's staple model with a zipper fly.

LVC 501ZXX 1954 Drab €179 (Sek 1799:-)

The 1944 version shows Levi's efforts to help spend as little as possible of America's resources. For instance, the typical Levi's arcuate stitch is printed on to the back pockets instead of stitched & the pocket linings are made using surplus materials rather than new to help save cotton. To save copper the crotch & coin pockets are removed & the fly buttons are made of generic iron buttons instead of zinc. The 1944 fit is a typical 40's boxy & straight cut that still works today, either worn downsized or slouched for a baggier look.

LVC S501XX 1944 Rugged Run €179 (Sek 1799:-)

Check out all of the fantastic new garments from Levis Vintage Clothing here @ the C store or online @ caliroots.com/c-store

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