fredag 1 oktober 2010

Fit of the week! C-Store!

Today we took our friend Emir from the super group Name In Lights out and dressed him up in a classic lumberjack inspired fit. Todays selection is a mix of classic brands such as Pendelton and Filson and newcomers such as Studio D' Artisan and Norse Projects.

Norse Project Hunter Earflap Cap €59 (599 Sek)
Pendelton Vintage Wool Shirt €79 (799 Sek)
Studi0 D'Artisan SD103 €249 (2499 Sek)
Timberland Abington Hiker Boot €189 (1899 Sek)
Vans X Filson Rucksack €399 (3999 Sek)

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