onsdag 6 oktober 2010

Pendleton Selected Vintage in Store!

Pendleton is probebly the most well known and classic makers of wool shirts in the world. In 1889 Thomas L. Kay opened his first wool mil and in 1909 he moved his busniess to Pendleton Oregon. He there took over the Pendleton Wool mill and the company we know today took its first steps. The first products produced where Native Indian blankets but not soon after Thomas started making clothing.

We now got som super fine vintage Pendleton shirts instore. Hand picked and selected for us to guarantee highest quality and condition. Take note this is not any shirts you will find in an avrage second hand store. These are as new but with the old styled quality. Price for these shirts are €79 (799 Sek). All instore now and offcourse every one is unique so only one size a piece!

Made in the USA

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