fredag 7 januari 2011

New Holliday Sales Items at C-Store!

Check our store out, now we have even more items on sale. Holliday realeses from norse, Drake Cashmere, More LVC modells, Redwings and more. Come down to regeringsgatan and scope these beautys upp at 30% off.

Norse Agni Lambswool knits. At €105 (1049 Sek)

Norse Lambswool beanies at €24 (244 Sek)

Norse Sailor stripe knit at €79 (799 Sek)

Redwing and Mark McNairy!

Redwings, High Moc Toe €199 (1999 Sek), Mid Moc €149 (1499 Sek) Chukka €129 (1299 Sek)

New LVC Models on sale!

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