måndag 10 januari 2011

Three New Extrodinary Be@rbricks instore!

We just got three new superb Be@rbricks from japanese collector toy company Medicom. The collaborators this time are New York street veterans SSUR, Disney and cult Japanese street wear brand Nexus7. You will find pictures, videos and information about these beautys further down. Price is set to €99 (999 Sek).

Russ Karablin is a true OG in the east coast street wear game. This Ukrain born New Yorker has beside his own classic brand SSUR (russ spelled backwards) designed clothing and prints for just about any new york street wear brand you can come up with. He for example did almost all of the early designs for the much loved skateboard brand Supreme! With this 400 % size Be@rbrick he lent inspiration from classic porcelin vases. Peep the interview with Russ after the pictures!

SSUR founder Russ interview!

Be@rbrick 200% Chogokin (metal), Disney design!

This fully metal Be@rbrick is offcourse inspired by one of the original characters by Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse. Chogokin translates to "super alloy" and is a made up metal that first appeard in an old manga magzine i japan. The Be@rbrick is in die cast metal and is a verya heavy and steady piece! You have to come to the store and feel this badboy. One of the best bricks Medicom ever put out. This collector item was also made in conjunction with japanese toy, vidogame and manga company Bandai!

Nexus7 is a japanese high end street wear brand founded in 2001. You will very seldom see this cult brand outside of japan but we got this rather scary but beautiful Be@rbrick instore. Nexus7 designs are heavely inspired by modern pop culture (the brand name it self is taken from sci-fi classic bladerunner). This 400% bear sneaks it heritage from that iconic mouse once again and is twisted in a Nexus7 way. A very cool feature of this toy is that it has a bell in its head that when rattled makes a sound. Check the video furteher down and see for your self.

Nexus7 Be@rbrick rattle effect!

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