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Baxter Of California

Baxter Of California
is the original. One of the very first brands to produce skincare for men. Already introduced in 1965, it ia a line that meets the needs of the ultimate playboy, offering everything from the Super Shape skin conditioner, which was the first Baxter Of California product, to shaving cream, eau de cologne, pomades & scented candles.

Baxter Of California is originated by Baxter Finley, a New York native who moved to Los Angeles in the 60's to become advertise man. As Finley had settled in to his new fast paced LA lifestyle, he also found that the constant shining sun & heat of southern California was doing a bad number on his skin. Fruitlessly searching the shelves of the department stores, barber shops & perfumeries for a lotion that wasn't pink or floral, Baxter Finley finally gave up & decided to create a line of skin care products that met the needs of men.

We proudly announce that we've just recieved out first shipment of groomin products from Baxter Of California. Below is a view of some of the items we stock from this historical brand

A great starting kit for your grooming experience is Skin 1-2-3 box set. Comprised of a 10 oz bottle of Daily Face Wash, a 10 oz bottle of Herbal Mint Toner & a tube of Oil Free Moisturizer, it is a great way to Cleanse, tone and hydrate your skin on a daily basis, balancing & controlling excess oil production without drying facial skin.

Baxter Of California Skin 1-2-3 €59 (SEK 599:-)

All three of these products can also be purchased separately at the cost of €15 (SEK 149:-)

Another essential need when it comes to grooming is a good hair product that works for your personal style & hair. We have recieved two different kinds, Clay Pomade & Soft Water Pomade.

The Clay Pomade makes your hair do exactly what you want it to. Clay Pomade is a product that separates, defines & molds styles. Infused with natural ingredients such as clay & beeswax, the texturizing formula lets you manipulate & retool hair looks for added styling versatility as it creates a strong, pliable hold.Baxter Of California Clay Pomade €15 (SEK 149:-)

If you want to go for a lighter look, try the Soft Water Pomade. Water-based & easy to rinse out, the light-to medium hold formula of the Soft Water Pomade easily disperses throughout the hair, delivering clean flexible control, natural non-greasy shine & textured separation to styles.Baxter Of California Soft Water Pomade €15 (SEK 149:-)

Equally important, if not more, is to have great shaving products. Nothing beats the luxury or pleasure of lathering up a quality badger brush and shaving in a traditionally masculine way.
Perfect for your shaving needs is the Shave 1-2-3 kit. This box set includes a bottle of Super Close Shave Formula, a tube of After Shave Balm & Baxter's german made 100% natural badger shave brush.

Baxter Of California Shave 1-2-3 Kit €79 (SEK 799:-)

Both the After Shave Balm & Super Close Shave Formula can be purchased separately at the cost of €15 (SEK 149:-)

For the most luxurious & closest shave possible, Baxter of California offers the Not A Replica Straight Razor. The razor blade features a matte black tang (handle) & blue steele blade proudly manufactured in the USA by Hart Steele. The blade is custom designed by the BoC creative team. The sleeve is designed in collaboration with MAKR Carry Goods & hand crafted from the finest Horween Shell Cordovan leather. Baxter Of California Not A Replica Blue Steele Razor €299 (SEK 2999:-)

This razor is now available for purchase in store here @ the C Store & will go live online @ shortly

Check out for our full selection of Baxter Of California grooming products.

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