onsdag 11 maj 2011

Gerry St Tropez S/S '11

These warm days we've been having recently has reminded us of long & relaxing summer days by the beach & the fun & crazy nights at classic Stockholm after hours swimming spot Stadshuskajen. Perfect for such an occasion are the great swim wear from classic spanish brand Gerry St Tropez.

For this season we recieved two different & equally awesome floral patterned swim trunks from the brand. Just as with previous seasons, the Gerry St Tropez swim trunks are created from fast drying polyamide with a unique & luxurious soft cotton like hand.

Gerry St Tropez North Shorts €65 (SEK 649:-)

Gerry St Tropez North Shorts €65 (SEK 649:-)

While we're on the case, Swedish mens fashion magazine King just featured our suitcase full of Gerry St Tropez swim trunks in their seasonal shopping guide. To see the rest of the selections from us, visit Kingmagazine.se

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