fredag 21 oktober 2011

A/B P.I. HAGBERG Launch Party

As we reported earlier we held a party yesterday to celebrate the launch of new Swedish denim brand A/B P.I. Hagberg & Co.

It was a great night which attracted both the dedicated denim heads & fashionistas alike, with drinks courtesy of Grolsch.

Big thanks to everyone who came & made this a memorable night!'

Here's some flicks from last night, taken by Erika Marthins:

Per-Ivan Hagberg

Axel Ekdahl & Tony Dahlgren + Lowell (dog)

Thomas Westling & Sebastian Jeppsson

Alexander Smolkin

Shitxfaced Crew


Jimmy Ekberg & Axel Sjögren

John Blomstedt & Timo Heine

Andreas Fagerström & Hanna Fäste 

Jimmy Ekberg & Axel Sjögren

Andreas Fagerström & Hanna Fäste

Sebastian Petersson

Johan Ögat Malmberg

August Hagberg & Robin Ausberg

Märta Schmidt, Karin Moen & Nadja Grahm

Magnus Larsson & Per Norell 

Per-Ivan Hagberg

August Hagberg & Per-Ivan Hagberg

August & Per-Ivan

Martin Folkesson & Sebastian Petersson

Alexander Smolkin & Salva Smolkin

Money Stax & Per Norell

lillDavid & Johannes Wieser

Per- Ivan Hagberg, Dennis & Fredrik Johansson

The pants!

Daniel IRK & Money Stax

Andreas Aaltonen

Hans Tash, John Mattheus, Per & Irk

 Per & Daniel IRK

Per-Ivan Hagberg, Alexander Smolkin & Salva Smolkin

Tobias Ivarsson & Johan Hurtig

The A/B P.I. Hagberg H60 jeans are now available for purchase both instore & online @

Thanks to Per Ivan & Grolsch

Photos by: Erika Marthins

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