onsdag 19 oktober 2011

New from Medicom - Mickey Mouse Runaway Brain

Medicom Toy has once again teamed up with Disney to release new versions of their collectables based on the 1995 Walt Disney Studios Oscar nominated short film "Runaway Brain". 

This time resulting in two different versions, one pre- & one post Dr Frankenollie's experiment, created in the form of Medicom Toy's Magical Action Figure, a super cool toy with movable joints making the figurine's able to perform 18 different points of articulation!

The two different Mickey's are pretty affordable too, each piece retailing at €30/SEK 299:-  so you can easily get both without any remorse! 
 Medicom Toy x Disney Mickey Mouse €30/SEK 299:-

Medicom Toy x Disney Zombie Mickey Mouse €30/SEK 299:-

To get you in the mood for these superb collectables, here's a look at the very entertaining Runaway Brain:

Both figurines are now available for purchase in store here at C & will go live online shortly @ caliroots.com

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