lördag 29 augusti 2009

A Sundried Youth

This week just keeps getting more & more exciting! As promised we reiceved the first pieces from the Fall/ Winter 2009 Our Legacy collection. Fantastically well tailored shirts, great knitwear & jackets & awesome leather accesories.

Here's a peak at some of the items:

Corduroy blazer € 249:- (Sek 2499:-)
1940's Button down flannel shirt € 110:- (Sek 1099:-)

Norwegian Knit € 139:- (Sek 1399:-)
1940's Button Down oxford shirt € 110:- (Sek 1099:-)

Bomber V-neck € 119:- (Sek 1199:-)
1940's Button Down pinstripe oxford shirt € 110:- (Sek 1099:-)

We thought it would be nice to show you how well the 1940's button down shirt fits:

More detailed pictures & info on Monday. Stay tuned!

Our Legacy is so far only available in store @ the C Store. For inquiries, please email cstoreconcept@gmail.com or info@caliroots.se

torsdag 27 augusti 2009

End your week in style!

So the weekend has finally come, the paycheck has (hopefully) found it's way to the bank account & the weatherman is predicting the first signs of the upcoming fall.
What better days than now to shop for a new wardrobe?
As we mentioned earlier this week we've filled the shop with loads of new goodies from Wood Wood, Adidas O by O David Beckham, Whyred, Common Projects & Vans. We also restocked some of the most classic pieces Armor Lux & added some new colorways. If all goes according to plan we should be recieving awesome new items from the friendly scottish brand Folk & even more exciting our own swedish pride, Our Legacy.

As the Icing on the cake we decided to book dj's for both friday & saturday. Maxxx Bass from the supercool club Top Nice with his blend of Disco, Electro, Hip Hop, House & overall madness on friday, while saturday calls for more straight up deep house with up & coming dj Daniel Fischer.

For you to end the week as stylishly as possible, here's this week's outfit:
Wood Wood Peter Cardigan € 119:- (Sek 1299:-)
Wood Wood Arnold Shirt € 95:- (Sek 999:-)
Wood Wood DD11 JP Jeans € 159:- (Sek 1599:-)
Wood Wood Laptop Bag € 99:- (Sek 999:-)
Vans x Taka Hayashi Akat Shoes € 179:- (1799:-) in store only @ C
Folk Stills Belt € 59:- (Sek 599:-) in store only @ C

See you in the store!

tisdag 25 augusti 2009

Native american beauty

Self taught painter / artist / designer Taka Hayashi is back with fantastic new work for the Vans Vault line!

Hayashi was born in Yokohama , Japan but has lived in Santa Monica since 1981. The early 80's skate scene has had a huge impact on both his life & art. Besides runnin his own T-shirt project named DxYxEx, Taka has worked with the likes of Stussy, Union, LAMFF & of course, Vans.

Here's a look at the superb Akat mid top. The beautiful Native American Moccasin styled shoe comes in three different colorways that go extremely well together with denim. It's definetly a must for the coming fall season!

Vans Vault x Taka Hayasi Akat LX in brown € 179:- (Sek 1799:-)

Vans Vault x Taka Hayashi Akat LX in Fossil € 179:- (Sek 1799:-)

Vans Vault x Taka Hayashi Akat LX in bitter chocolate € 179:- (Sek 1799:-)

måndag 24 augusti 2009

Emilia de Poret + Be@rbrick = sant

Be@rbrick collector, popstar & professional blogger Emilia de Poret is in love with our shop!

Bringing sexy back

Medicom teamed up with British/Singaporean brand Surrender to produce this very exciting 400% + 100% Be@rbrick pack. Surrender is the collective work of James Lavelle who is the man behind the Mo' Wax record label & co-founder of UNKLE & Singaporean street wear guru & shop keeper Earn Chen. The supercool look echoes the first Surrender Skull collection made together with artist Alan Forbes. The theme for this design was to "put the sex back in to be@rbrick". This is revealed as you expose it to heat...

Medicom x Surrender 400% + 100% Be@rbrick pack € 99:- (Sek 999:-)

Get it here @ the C store or online @ Caliroots.com

Strawberry sweet

As we mentioned earlier we just recieved some great new Be@rbricks from Medicom.

Here's a closer look at the Bearbell designed by Chiaki Kuriyama. Chiaki is a japanese actress, model & superstar best known to us here in the west for her performance as the blood thirsty assassin GoGo Yubari in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill movie. This very sweet Be@rbrick 400% + 100% couple shows a very different side to Chiaki. The Shoju Manga inspired design reminds us of both Candy Candy & Sandybell definetly brightens up a functional, nordic style designed livingroom.

Be@rbrick x Chiaki "Bearbell" € 99:- (Sek 999:-)

For more Medicom toys visit us @ The C Store or check Caliroots.com

Wood Wood Leather Collection

Last week we showed you the first items we recieved from the superb Wood Wood Fall 2009 line. What we didnt tell you is that we also recieved some very nice leather accessories to accompany the clothes. The collection consists of these clean & understated designs with only an embossed small Wood Wood logo that gives the pieces a luxurious look without being too flashy. All done in a great tanned & tumbled leather quality.

Wood Wood Baldato Belt 59 € (599:- Sek)

Wood Wood Credit Card Sleeve 19 € (199 Sek:-)

Wood Wood Pocket Wallet 49 € (499:- Sek)

Wood Wood Totebag 110 € (1099:- Sek)

Wood Wood Zip Wallet 29€ (299:- Sek)

Wood Wood Laptop Bag 99 € (999:- Sek)

As always online @ Caliroots.com & in store @ C.