onsdag 30 september 2009

Ready for the weekend!

This week we even managed to out-do ourselves with the amount of excellent pieces of clothing we have to offer you!

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This is just a small selection of our restocked & freshly delivered brands:

Red Wing Shoes: Rough & Rugged original american work wear boots.
Clarks Originals: Timeless classic shoes dubbed "Les Clarks" by the french
Levis Vintage Clothing: Beautiful jackets, knits, tees & of course denims
Henrik Vibskov: Pret-A-Porter pieces from the extremely talented & hip danish designer
Our Legacy: Our favourite homegrown label offers precision shirts, italian knits & lumberjack steez
Camo: Great italian made shirts, knits, pants & jackets with a funky twist
Tanner Goods: Authentic handmade leather accesories from Portland, Oregon
Folk & Shofolk: Fun & Friendly British designed quality garments made in places like Peru, Uruguay & Portugal
Norse Projects: The danish streetwear merchants have made a collection that puts the fashion into streetfashion
Medicom: Fantastic new bearbrick collabos featuring Cap & Pep, Chiaki & Loopwheeler
Reigning Champ: We managed to get a hold of their highly coveted extra heavy cotton fleece peacoats from 2007!

The Loopwheeler Bear welcomes you to stop by the store to get a first hand look at all our fantastic fall items!

Clarks Originals

As the autumn progresses we're getting more & more keen on putting our feet into natural leather boots & shoes. Perfect for the season are the timeless classics from Clarks Originals.

The Clarks family brand actually dates back to 1825 but it wasnt until 1950 that the brand as we know it today took form. Nathan Clark, great grandson of one of the original Clark brothers, had the idea to make a boot similar to the ones british officers stationed in Egypt were having made at the bazaar in Cairo. A rough looking suede boot with crepe rubber soles named Desert Boot. The first trial versions of the boot were not greeted with a lot of enthusiam. As Nathan was convinced this was a great product, He launced the Desert Boot in the U.S. when he took charge of overseas development. It was an instant success. In 1965, Lance Clark agreed to release them in Europe together with the Wallabee boot. Both the shoes became so popular that the Clarks name became a household word for that type of shoe.

Clarks Wallabee burgundy leather € 139:- (Sek 1399:-)

Clarks Wallabee black leather € 139:- (Sek 1399:-)

Clarks Wallabee brown suede € 139:- (Sek 1399:-)

Clarks Desert Boot ltd vintage sand. This is an exact replica original 1950's Desert Boot € 149:- (Sek 1499:-)

Clarks Desert Boot brown leather € 119:- (Sek 1199:-)

This autumn Clarks also decided to reacquaint us with the classic Weaver shoe. It's been a few years since we last saw the Weaver, So we were very happy when we learnt that Clarks was reissuing them. We were even happier when we found out that they were made with the original Padmore & Barnes lasts which makes these beautiful shoes as close to a precise replica as possible.

Clarks Weaver brown leather € 129:- (Sek 1299:-)

Clarks Weaver ebony suede € 129 (Sek 1299:-)

Click pictures for a full view.

Stop by the C store to try these babies on & check out these and many more styles @ caliroots.com

Red Wing Boots

As you probably have noticed @ caliroots.com Red Wing has just delivered their rough & rugged heritage line boots!

Red Wing Shoes long history dates back to 1905 when shoe store owner & Red Wing, Minnesota resident Charles Beckman, decided to make work boots of his own. As he was a shoe merchant, he saw the need for a better, stronger boot than what was available. With the help of 14 local business investors he founded the Red Wing Shoe Company. The products gained such immense popularity that within the year the company were turning out 110 pairs a day! Today Red Wing Shoes keeps it's popularity by setting the same extremely high standards on quality, longevity & fit.

Here @ C we recieved the 3140 chukka work boot in brown leather & the classic 875 6 inch boot in black, dark brown & red leather. All 4 are of course made in the über high quality materials that has made Red Wing known all over the world. (click pictures for full view)

Red Wing 3140 Chukka Work Boot € 210:- (Sek 2199:-)

Red Wing 875 Original Boot Black € 240:- (Sek 2499:-)

Red Wing 875 Original Boot Dark Brown € 240:- (Sek 2499:-)

Red Wing 875 Original Boot Red € 240:- (Sek 2499:-)

Check out these models & more either here in the store or online @ caliroots.com

måndag 28 september 2009

Henrik Vibskov A/W 2009

Henrik Vibskov is a danish designer born in 1972. He graduated from Central St Martins school of design in 2001 with a collection featuring the now classic piggy print. Today he shows his conceptual collections during the Paris Fashion Week & he is the only scandinavian designer to be a part of the official parisian show schedule.

Here's a look at the pieces from this years fall collection, entitled "The Human Laundry Service". Click pics for full size.

New Windcheater Jacket € 275:- (Sek 2799:-)

Kamp Jacket € 349:- (Sek 3499:-)

Bolivia Cardigan € 249:- (Sek: 2499:-)

Collective Cardigan € 229:- (Sek 2299:-)

Manu Shirt € 179:- (Sek 1799:-)

Manu Shirt € 179:- (Sek 1799:-)

Jim Shirt € 149:- (Sek 1499:-)

Tip Long Sleeve € 119:- (Sek 1199:-)

Naesetip Socks € 19:- (Sek 199:-)

Tron Long Socks € 29:- (Sek 299:-)

Piggy Computer Bag € 99:- (Sek 999:-)

Bauhaus, Backgammon & Candystick Scarfs € 119:- (Sek 1199:-) each

The Henrik Vibskov collection is only available in store @ C. For inquiries please e-mail info@caliroots.se or cstoreconcept@gmail.com, or drop by the store for a first hand look!

fredag 25 september 2009

The Human Laundry Service

Man do we have some big news for the weekend! Our Legacy just shipped out a load of knits & shirts, we finally recieved the beautifully hand made leather belts from Tanner Goods & The Levis Vintage pieces arrived yesterday!

On top of all that, we just recieved some fantastic pieces from the Henrik Vibskov F/W 2009 collection entitled "The Human Laundry Service"

Here's a little sneak peak:

It consists of great Bolivian inspired knits, socks in "Tron" like patterns, fantastic Bauhaus styled scarfs, very nice deconstructed shirts, colorful sweaters & beautiful German army jackets. We also recieved the classic Piggy laptop cases!

As soon as we've unpacked all of the Vibskov pieces, we'll post a more detailed look at the collection. If you're an eager beaver, don't hesitate to stop by the store for a first hand look at these amazing pieces.

P.S. Dont forget about the after work party we're throwing tonight at our next door pub Kåken! Our store manager David will be spinning records from 18:00 'til 22:00 and, more importantly, there will be free drinks for the first lucky guests !

See you tonight!

torsdag 24 september 2009

C - After Work Delight

Här på C har det ramlat in massor med nyheter den här veckan från våra fantastiska märken HENRIK VIBSKOV, LEVIS VINTAGE, CAMO, NORSE, INDIGOFERA, WOOD WOOD, ORIGINAL FAKE, OUR LEGACY, FOLK, CLARKS, STUSSY DELUXE, RED WING & TANNER GOODS.

För att fira detta & den hett efterlängtade septemberlönen kör vi på C en After Work ihop med vår trevliga grannbar Kåken nu på fredag 25/9. Dj'ar gör lillDavid från C. Han är även en av männen bakom nya episka disco/house akten Name In Lights (Feed Records). För de riktigt törstiga bjuds det såklart nåt att dricka.

C Store After Work
Regeringsgatan 66
Fredag 25 september

tisdag 22 september 2009

Stüssy Deluxe X Dr Martens

We just recieved yet another highly coveted piece, The Stüssy Deluxe X Dr. Martens Tyler 3 hole boot. Ever since we first saw this fantastic shoe @ the Bread & Butter show in Barcelona in january & have eagerly waited for it to hit our shelves. The Tyler comes in three different colors, black, grey & brown. Each of these feature an embossed Stüssy Deluxe logo & nice contrasting colors on the heel tab, piping & laces: purple for the black ones, orange for grey & green for the brown. All made in soft premium suede & of course the sole is made with the patented Air Wair cushioning system for maximum comfort.

We are the only swedish retailer of the Tyler & we still recieved very very few of these fine shoes so you definetly don't want to sleep on these!

Stussy Deluxe X Dr Martens Tyler Black € 175:- (sek 1799:-)

Stussy Deluxe X Dr Martens Tyler Grey € 175:- (sek 1799:-)

Stussy Deluxe X Dr Martens Tyler Brown € 175:- (sek 1799:-)

(Click pictures for full view)