måndag 30 november 2009

Sony PSP Go x Indigofera Prima Jeans

In connection with the launch of Sony's exclusive small version of the PSP Go console, Indigofera Prima Jeans, Sony Playstation & FEED records join forces with us at C to present a limited deal offering both quality denim and entertainment.

For the holidays, Indigofera has produced a limited edition denim pouch for the PSP Go. The pouch is designed by Indigofera’s head designer Johan Söderlund & made from the finest 16 oz selvage denim, sourced from the legendary japanese textile mill Nihon Menpu.

In December, customers here at C will have the opportunity to buy the new PSP Go along with the denim pouch & a pair of Indigofera's Clint selvage jeans.
The gaming console in this package comes with a free game, the Denim Discotech mixtape by DJ lill;D from FEED Records plus a number of secret surprises. The Indigofera + PSP Go package is available in a limited edition of 20 pieces, and will be sold at here at the C store starting on the 4th of December. The whole package will retail at the modest price of €349: - (Sek 3499:-).

Here's what Johan Söderlund and Mats Andersson of Indigofera has to say about the somewhat surprising collaboration:

We are drawn to the idea that what consider the latest in quality and technology today, will relatively soon be considered vintage. Combining a high technology game like PSP Go with an old classic like denim means playing with the future and the past at the same time. Is it a symptom of our time? Yes, perhaps, or maybe it’s just something we like.

While we're still waiting for this amazing package to hit the shelves, check out what we currently stock from Indigofera Prima Jeans @ caliroots.com

fredag 27 november 2009

Black Friday!

As we all know today is black friday & we want to celebrate that in style! That's why we've once again packed the store full with news & restocks

click pictures for for full view
To top it off we're giving away a series 18 100% bearbrick for FREE with every purchase over €50:- (Sek 500:-)!

New in store this week are:

Artisanal denims from japanese brand Triple Works

Heritage leather footwear from british shoemakers Loake.

Lastly, here's the perfect black friday outfit:

Nike NSW Stadium Jacket €249:- (Sek 2799:-)
Whyred Bosmans Zip-up Cardigan €119:- (Sek 1199:-)
Wood Wood Robert Tee €39:- (Sek 399:-)
Indigofera Clint Ltd €240:- (Sek 2499:-)
Adidas x Ransom Dune €109:- (Sek 1199:-)

torsdag 26 november 2009

Triple Works TWHR01

As we mentioned yesterday we are very excited to tell you that japanese denim company Works Corp. just delivered the first part of our order!
Works Corp. is the company behind the highly coveted Iron Heart & Triple Works brands. While Iron Heart focuses solely on extra heavy weight 21 oz denim, Triple Works is the label for the regular weight 14 oz denims.

The batch that we unpacked yesterday contained the amazing Triple Works TWHR01.

click pictures for full size view
The incredibly beautiful denim used for these jeans is made in Okoyama from hand picked extra long fibre single cropped Zimbabwe cotton, woven on vintage japanese 29" RIKI-SHOKKI looms & dyed with pure indigo. Single cropped Zimbabwe cotton is usually used for making garments of a higher class, such as fine shirts & dresses. This makes for a denim that has a quite smooth surface & a very nice sheen to it.
We are pretty confident that you won't come across anything like it.

The finished product definetely lives up to the denim specifications with a great fit & an abundance of great details such as hidden rivets, goat skin patch, selvedge button fly & belt loops stitched into the waistband for extra durability.

Triple Works TWHR01 €199:- (Sek 1999:-)

Available in store now & on line shortly at our new "C" store section

onsdag 25 november 2009

Caliroots.com C store update!

We are happy to inform you that we just updated our webshop in a way that makes it a lot easier to navigate around our respective brands.
Now also the "C"-Store has got a dedicated spot, where you can cruise around our selected brands and garments!
Check it out the "C-Store section here

Works Inc.

As we've said before here at C, This fall season just keeps getting better & better! We just unpacked the first shipment of our most anticipated denims from highly acclaimed japanese manufacturers Works Inc.

More info tomorrow...

C x Pleasant After Work Delight!

Once again it's time for our monthly friday after work party @ the lovely Pleasant bar on Kammakargatan 9. As always our store manager lillDavid will be dj'ing, but this time he's getting support from his record company associate & fellow band member Emir Fönk. Emir & David have been dj'ing together on & of for about 10 years so you can expect a fantastically well put together dj set.

C After Work Delight
Pleasant Bar
Kammakargatan 9
Friday 27/11

See you there!

tisdag 24 november 2009

Our Legacy Holiday 2009

Our Legacy just delivered 3 very nice new colorways in the 1940's button down shirt. Perfect for the up coming holidays!

click pictures for full size view
First up is the heavy weight flannel called Rosen Check. This is a great & versatile shirt, we think it works just as well being worn as an overshirt. €110:- (Sek 1099:-)

This one is called Indigo & Green Check. This one is a bit stiffer with an almost denim feel to it. The amazing blue color is achieved through a genuine indigo dye & just like a pair of jeans, it will fade and become even more beautiful over time. €110:- (Sek 1099:-)

This is the Teatergrillen Check, named after the classic Stockholm restaurant. Fantastic square pattern in a really nice & soft fabric. €110:- (Sek 1099:-)

These shirts are only available in store here @ C. For inquiries please email info@caliroots.se or cstoreconcept@gmail.com

måndag 23 november 2009

Away We Go - Förhandsvisning

Indigofera Prima Jeans & Magasinet Filter bjuder till förhandsvisning av Sam Mendes nya film Away We Go nu på onsdag 25/11 & vi har biljetterna här på C! Först till kvarn gäller.

Away We Go är en annorlunda roadmovie som handlar om paret Burt & Verona som ger sig ut efter att ha fått reda på att dom väntar barn för att hitta ett lämpligt ställe att växa upp på.

Sam Mendes är framför allt känd för att ha regisserat American Beauty & Road to Perdition.

lördag 21 november 2009

Weekend update!

The weekend just started & we've got lots of great news in the store for you to come by & try out!

Click for full view!
Here are some of this weeks news:

Henrik Vibskov: Fabulous knitwear, great socks & a restock of the Windcheater Jacket

Nike NSW: Extremely well made high tech outerwear

Wood Wood: Classic prints reissued in limited numbers

Adidas X Ransom: Second release! The Red Wing inspired Creek

Our Legacy:
Big shipment of new shirts

So come on by!

torsdag 19 november 2009

Nike NSW M51 Parka

We have finally recieved the beautiful Nike M51 fishtail parka from Nike's pinnacle collection entitled NSW. This iconic military silhouette, originally designed for the extreme conditions of the Korean war in 1951 & later adopted by the british Mod culture, comes in three different colors & has been updated in a way that only the NSW designers can think.
This Nike M51 Parka is one of the nicest jackets we're getting for the season!

click pictures for full size view
Nike NSW M51 parka in black €269:- (Sek 2799:-)

Nike NSW M51 parka in navy €269:- (Sek 2799:-)

Nike NSW M51 parka in khaki-grey €269:- (Sek 2799:-)

The linerless 2L storm fit fabric, sealed seams, laser cut pocket detailing & laser cut pit vents makes this piece both as functional & stylish as possible. This one is definetely a winner!

Check out the full NSW line here in the shop & on line @ Caliroots.com

tisdag 17 november 2009

Ransom X Adidas Creek

Yesterday we recieved yet another model from the collab between Adidas & Ransom. This one is called the Creek & is a great cross between sneaker & workboot, clearly influenced by Red Wing boots. check out the rest of the collection here.

click pictures for full size

We're stocking 2 colorways, fango green & black

Adidas Ransom Creek in Fango €159:- (sek 1599:-)

Adidas Ransom Creek in black €159:- (sek 1599:-)

Get these here in the store now & on line @ caliroots.com in a minute