torsdag 24 juni 2010

Summer Sale!

This monday, 28/6, we're starting our crazy summer sale here @ the C store!

If you can't wait 'til then the sale has already started @ our on line store

Have a great midsummer weekend!

onsdag 23 juni 2010

Studio D'Artisan Now Available Online!

The superb pieces from Studio D'Artisan which we recieved a couple of weeks ago has finally gone live online!

Our Studio D'Artisan line up for this season features:

Studio D'Artisan SD103 €249:- (Sek 2499:-)
SDA's flagship model. It is a mid rise, slim/straight model, made up of a pure indigo rope dyed 15oz right hand blue selvage denim especially designed to fade beautifully. The SD103 also features many great vintage & original details such as hidden rivets, raised belt loops & deer skin patch.

Studio D'Artisan SD003 €249:- (Sek 2499:-)
Same cut as the SD103 but made up in one of the most beautiful denim fabrics we've ever seen! The 14oz left hand purple selvage weave is quite soft to the hand and has a super nice vertical falling dye which kind of reminds me of rain. The weft threads are pretty dark making for a grimy looking greyish green fade. The SD003 also features all the vintage & original details you can expect.

Studio D'Artisan SD601-99 €199:- (Sek 1999:-)
SD601-99 is one of SDA's latest models. Designed to replicate late 1960's jeans, it is a mid rise, slim tapered model with square back pockets. The tricolor selvage denim is absolutely beautiful, it's a 14 oz, low tension, very slubby & uneven weave, guaranteeing a beautiful fade. As the denim is quite loosely woven, these make for a really nice pair of summer-jeans!

Studio D'Artisan Grey Sweat €159:- (Sek 1599:-)
This sweatshirt is traditionally woven on old fashioned, loopwheel machines. These machines are very ineffective & can only produce one meter of fabric per hour, but the outcome is astonishing! Loopwheel machines create no tension on the threads when they are woven. As a result, the finished fabric maintains the natural characteristic of the threads & is both sturdy & at the same time incredibly soft. Proudly made in Wakayama, Japan, the only place where the time consuming loopwheel machines are still operational.

NOTE: The SDA jeans that we carry are made from shrink-to-fit denim & will shrink approx. 1.5" in width & 3" in length. Please take this into consideration when choosing your size. We encourage you to wash this garment before wear

Check out Studio D'Artisan on line @

tisdag 22 juni 2010

Öppettider i Midsommar

Öppettider under Midsommar i Calibutikerna!
opening hours during Midsummer
Tisdag: 11.00-18.30
Onsdag: 11.oo-18.30
Torsdag: 11.00-18.30
Midsommarafton: Stängt
Midsommardagen: Stängt
Söndag: Stängt

Dockers K-1 5th edition

The limited edition K1 collection from Dockers is now also available for purchase on line!

The K1 collection pays homage to those brave soldiers who fought in the Pacific Theatre conflict at the end of the second world war. It consists of a pair of trousers that are assembled in San Francisco from the finest authentic american Cramerton cloth, then carefully distressed to mimic an original worn pair. A T-shirt dubbed Dead Stock Tee has also been released. It fits like an original 1940's tee, nicely pre-distressed and features a really cool & authenctic looking print!

The K1 trousers are delivered in an original mil. spec. ammo crate! How cool is that?!?

Check out Dockers K1 @

fredag 18 juni 2010

Weekend Update

This weekend we're celebrating love here in Stockholm. On top of the royal wedding taking place just around the corner, we've got loads of lovely new items in the store!

click pictures for full view

Some of our new items include

The Flat Head-
legendary Japanese denim brand that creates some of the most amazing & incredible garments we've ever seen.

Medicom Toy- the 1000% & 400% Spock figures are now available in store! Heat!

Studio D'Artisan- one of the first repro denim labels from Japan. Celebrating over 30 years, SDA offers meticulously refined products widely regarded as some of the worlds best.

Sebago- Sebago's Docksides model turns 40 this year! Classic & everlasting...

Stussy Deluxe- the Greensleeves collaboration is one of the most exciting releases this year!

What Goes Around Comes Around- the highly coveted Manhattan vintage store creates shirtwear with inspiration taken from classic menswear.

For inquiries regarding The Flat Head, please call us @ +46(0)8 210608 or email

Don't forget to visit us online @

Have a great weekend!

torsdag 17 juni 2010

Sebago Window Display & Give Away!

As a part of the preparations for tomorrow nights Sebago party, We wanted to create a new, sea & sailor inspired window display here @ the C Store

Speaking of Sebago, We've also decided to give you this really nice, roomy & practical weekend bag free of charge with every purchased pair of Sebago shoes!

Check out our offerings from Sebago online @ & visit us in store @ Regeringsgatan 75 for an up-close & personal view

onsdag 16 juni 2010

Sebago - Docksiders 40 års jubileum

Dags för after work igen! Denna gång kör vi på Kåken tillsammans med Soblue och Sebago. Tillsammas firar vi Docksiders 40 års jubileum. På C Store har vi ett stort utbud från Sebago med både klassiker och fräscha sommarfärger.

Vi kör mellan 18-22 och bjuder tidiga gäster på något att dricka + en perfekt weekendbag från Sebago.

För musiken står Daniella D.J Johansson (Soblue) och Lill David (Feed Records)


tisdag 15 juni 2010

Medicom News! MR SPOCK!

Today we recieved both the 1000% & 400% sized Mr Spock Be@rbrick figure! The perfect gift for any Trekkie, these super cool Vulcan friends cater just as well to us others who are just regular japanese design otaku.

Medicom Toy Mr Spock Be@rbrick 1000% €399 (Sek 3999:-)
Medicom Toy Mr Spock Be@rbrick 400% €99 (Sek 999:-)

Available now both in store & on line @!

måndag 14 juni 2010

Fit of the Week!

After a nice & relaxing weekend we're once again back at the shop to take on yet another week dedicated to fashion. This week we're looking forward to many exciting news & events, among them we're hosting a 40 year anniversary party together with Sebago! More on this later in the week...

Here's look at what our store manager David chose to wear this monday:

click pictures for full view
David has worn his Denim Demon Aajja Japan for about five months now. Here's what he has to say about them:
"I rank the Aajja Japan's as one of my favourite pairs. I love the fit! They have been soaked once, washed three times & gone through all kinds of ordeals, including the renovation of my apartment (hence the paint-stains), still they have retained the indigo so well that they're only just starting to get that nice & rich worn in patina. If you want a slow fading, really well built pair of japanese jeans (with the special scandinavian twist that Denim Demon is famous for) I can definetly recommend getting a pair of Aajja Japan!"

Han Kjöbenhavn 50's Navy Beanie €45 (Sek 449:-)
Armor Lux Loctudy €49 (Sek 499:-)
Denim Demon Aajja Japan €249 (Sek 2499:-)
Folk Skynard Lanyard €35 (Sek 349:-)
Sebago Docksides Weathered €129 (Sek 1299:-)

torsdag 10 juni 2010

Fit of the Week!

This week we've put together an outfit with the graduates in mind. We know it's at the last minute, but if you still haven't decided on what to wear for your graduation, here's what we think will work perfectly both for the ceremonial part & the celebrations afterwards:

Super Retro Nero shades €79 (Sek 799:-)
Camo Frensis Jacket €179 (Sek 1799:-)
Wood Wood Madrid Shirt €89 (Sek 899:-)
Garbstore Peasant Chino €189 (Sek 1899:-)
Stussy Deluxe x Dr Martens Hambleton €139 (Sek 1399:-)

Check out all these products & more online @ & in store here on regeringsgatan 75

Stüssy Deluxe x Greensleeves

The highly anticipated collaboration collection between Stüssy Deluxe & legendary reggae/dancehall record label Greensleeves has finally dropped! The collection consists of 10 different t-shirt prints based on the most classic releases from Greensleeves & a very interesting book on the history of the record label. The book also contains photographs of the first 100 Greensleeves record releases.

Stüssy Deluxe engaged the very talented London based photographer/film maker Tyrone Lebon to create both a video & a photo shoot showcasing the strong musical influence of the collection. The video includes cameos from Lauren Jones, Jazzy Strummer, Jet Letts, Amber Letts, Louis Simonon, Claude Simonon, Ava & Stella Jones and Honor & Liberty Letts

Here's a further look at the photoshoot:

Check out the Stüssy Deluxe x Greensleeves products online @! Dont hesitate to give us a visit @ the C Store on Regeringsgatan 75 if you want to see & feel the garments in person.

onsdag 9 juni 2010

Name In Lights Pre-Release Party

Tillsammans med skivettiketten FEED håller vi på fredag 11/6 en pre-releasefest för Name In Lights debut-EP "Eld & Lågor" här i butiken. Det kommer att finnas något att dricka & självklart kommer Name In Lights stå för den musikaliska delen! Det här är inte allt, handlar du för 1000:- (i butiken) skickar vi med Name In Lights "Eld & Lågor" EP alldeles gratis!

Name In Lights debut EP "Eld & Lågor" is the third & latest release on FEED records & will be released saturday june 12. We're holding a pre-release party this friday june 11 between 16.00 & 19.00 here @ the C Store. Drinks will be served & of course Name In Lights will be spinning records! That's not all, if you shop for Sek 1000:- or more (in store), we'll give you the Name In Lights "Eld & Lågor" EP free of charge!!

C Store
Regeringsgatan 75
Fredag 11/6

NAME IN LIGHTS är ett Stockholmsbaserat band som består av djs/producenterna Emir "Fönk" Krkic, Filip "Dr Ill" Johnsson & David "lil;D" Irigoyen. Name In Lights skapar sitt egna speciella discosound packat med influenser från trions musikaliska rötter. Med Emirs exotiska & drivande rockrytmer, Filips själfulla & hjärtskärande discomelodier & Davids djupa & hypnotiserande housegrooves, lyckas Name in Lights med konststycket att vara både nydanande & familjära på en & samma gång!

NAME IN LIGHTS is a Stockholm based band consisting of dj/producers Emir "Fönk" Krkic, Filip "Dr Ill" Johnsson & David "lil;D" Irigoyen. As Name In Lights the trio unveils an excitingly fresh disco sound packed with influences from their respective musical roots. With Emir's exotic & driving rock rythms, Filip's soulful & heartfelt disco melodies & David's deep & hypnotizing house grooves Name In Lights creates music that is both as new & unheard as it is familiar & catchy.

Den officiella releasefesten hålls senare på fredagkvällen på F12 terassen och vi har lyckats styra ett antal gästlisteplatser! Säg till i butiken på fredag så skriver vi upp er! Först Till Kvarn...

tisdag 8 juni 2010

Studio D'Artisan First Delivery

Today we received a very exciting & highly coveted delivery straight from Japan

Studio D'Artisan has been around since 1979 & is widely regarded as the very first japanese artisanal denim brands. With quality & fits surpassing most other brands, Studio D'Artisan is no stranger to denim connaisseurs.

Stay posted for more extensive info or drop us an email @ if you're the impatient kind

lördag 5 juni 2010

Weekend Update

You should definetly give us a visit if you're in the city. We have loads of new arrivals to show in the store, from brands like Head Porter, Our Legacy, Dockers K-1 & Gerry St Tropez!

See you in the store!