fredag 23 april 2010

Sson 028 Fixie

As you remember we featured the Sson 028 fixed gear bicycle in last week's Fit of the Week. We've since recieved a lot of questions both on line & in store regarding the bike, so we met up with Tobias from Sson to tell us a little bit about their 028 fixie bike:

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"We wanted to make a bicycle that is as generic & timeless as possible, using both modern and vintage design features for that custom made feeling. We chose a straight fork both out of aesthetic & functional reasons as it makes for a quicker sensation. In fact, all angles on the Sson 028 are true track bike angles. The frame is made using CroMo steel 4130 & all intersections on the frame are tig welded except one that is lugged. We also incorporated the timeless aesthetic of the bicycle by using a fashionable N.Y. style 41 cm cut off riser handlebar & connecting it to a drop stem & vintage looking threaded Tange headset. We also wanted to add a vintage feel to the saddle, so we put it toghether using brass rivets. The front wheel is laced radial style & the back wheel has a flip flop hub, which makes it possible to choose whether you want to ride fixed gear or single speed."

Further more Tobias tells us that the goal was to design a bicycle for the modern man with excpetionally good taste. In our minds Sson has very successfully met & gone beyond that goal!

The Sson 028 are online at @ . If you want to get even nerdier with the specifics of the bike, visit Tobias's dedicated 028 blog here

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