torsdag 28 oktober 2010

Mark McNairy X DQM

Yesterday we recieved the long awaited collaboration between the fine gentleman Marc McNairy and his New Amsterdam brand (famous for collaborations with Norse and Our Legacy amongst others...) who got together with notorious NYC skate/sneaker store Dave's Quality Meat to present three styles of shoes plus a skateboard. This collaboration might seem a bit unexpected at first but the result is simply brilliant. The different styles are a traditional long wing brouge in a navy suede upper with a comfy crepe sole, a slightly updated saddle-turned-chukka style in black with the notorious red brick sole (or red brick soul if you like!) and last but not least a beautiful grey suede cap derby boot with a black ridgeway sole.

The shoes are as always made by Sanders in England.

Highly limited numbers!

Mark McNairy X DQM Suede Long Wing 259€/2599Sek

Mark McNairy X DQM Suede Chukka Boot 269€/2599Sek

Mark McNairy X DQM Suede Cap Derby Boot 299€/2999Sek

Mark McNairy X DQM Skate Deck 79€/799Sek

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