torsdag 7 april 2011

Fit of the Week!

Spring has definetly sprung here in Stockholm & this week we've taken our bikes out of the garage & started cruising the streets.

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Our storemanager David rides his pimped out old Crescent to work daily (we sell the Brooks saddle he's got on there in the store, shoot us an email @ if you want to know more about which styles we carry).

Here's a look at what we think is the perfect outfit for riding in style:

Norse Projects Olav Cap €99 (Sek 999:-)
Wood Wood Stockholm jacket €199 (Sek 1999:-)
Han Kjobenhavn 50's Cricket Cardigan €159 (Sek 1599:-)
Stüssy Deluxe Max Crew Pocket Tee €65 (Sek 649:-)
Momotaro 0701 jeans €259 (Sek 2599:-)
Porter Tanker Waist Bag €159 (Sek 1599:-)
Love & Loyalty MFG lanyard €79 (Sek 799:-)

The latest drop from Stüssy Deluxe, which includes the Max Tee, is available in store & will go live online shortly.

For inquiries regarding Porter bags & Brooks saddles & equipment, please call us @ +46(08) 21 06 08 or email

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