fredag 4 november 2011

SPIEWAK "Golden Fleece" Made in USA collection

The Spiewak 'Golden Fleece' collection is made up of some of the brands most classic styles, proudly crafted in USA in limited numbers.
Celebrating Spiewak's military roots, the collection is comprised of three versions of the N-3B Snorkel parka, which Spiewak first manufactured for the US Air Force in the early 1950's & a beautiful waxed version of the World War 2 US Navy N1 deck jacket.
Together with photographer Erik by Erik, we've composed a lookbook that gives an indept view of the Spiewak 'Golden Fleece' garments,  utilizing one of Stockholm's many harbors as the perfect backdrop

Photos by: Erik by Erik

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  1. hey folks...

    what's that "Hope" beanie he's wearing? let me know!


  2. Hey Loop!

    It's called Wedder Hat. find it here